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The Honeymoon Suite (or room 9230 as everyone else called it)

Another look at the suite

The NY view from our balcony

A NY view from the pier

Mike making sure he knows how everything works

Amy making sure she has a vest of her own

We get a quick 'meet & greet' of the others we'll be sharing our lifeboat with ...... just in case

At this party, it's ok to have the same outfit as everyone else

Ay Ay Captain .......... Hoist the anchor!

A NY View as we sail away from the pier

We headed up to the pool deck for the first of many parties

The party starts as we sail away from NY

There are palm trees on our ship

IT was a 'Passing The Statue of LIberty Party' ...cound like a good enough reason to us <clink>

Lady Liberty waved as we sailed by

Our first drinks ... look at those wedding rings, they must be married!

Top deck overlooking the pool

Mrs Kaye standing upfront on the top deck

The Kayes, upfront as we get ready to sail toward The Verrazano Bridge

Under the bridge we go!

Enjoying the balcony as the sun sets

Amy on our balcony as the sun sets

Celebrating on our balcony. Hmmmm ... who took the picture?

Us with an ocean view

unpacking the casino gear ... better leave $2 for socks

Amy heading down the hall for another Midori Sour

Making sure he's not tall enough to fall overboard ..... is that yet another drink in his hand?

Champagne & Strawberries on our balcony

A toast to us .... of course!



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