Take a leisurely cruise along the south coast of the British Virgin Islands, where you will enjoy a few hours of breathtaking scenery. Cutting through the crystal waters of the Caribbean Sea, you will see other Virgin Islands, such as Peter, Salt and Cooper before itís time for your snorkeling experience. You will see dramatic coral formations, brightly colored tropical fish and, on occasion, a sea turtle or graceful ray. Few places in the world can compare to the underwater beauty of the BVIs. Your excursion then continues to a beautiful beach for swimming. On your return sail, relax on the deck as you enjoy a complimentary fruit punch.

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Roosters patrol the local shopping area

Excuse me, why are there roosters running around?

Cuz no-body owns d'em mahn

The shopping was right on the shore

little bungalows, peek inside and see Amy on a mission

more wildlife just running around

Amy holds up 2 ships

Mike was late but was able to catch and pull back the boat before it got away

Open taxi ride to the catamaran

Amy rides the open taxi

Amy relaxing on the front of the catamaran

Just waiting to snorkel

Tallest Mast on the island 32'

Done snorkeling, we're on the way to the next stop

Theres a small beach area, and the only building on the island is a bar!

Great little hideaway

Mike discovers Bushwackers, and has 3 in the 30 minutes we were there

This bar had rules

Mike gets the 4th one to-go!

Drinking without sunglasses is rough

Amy enjoying the ride back

The Bushwackers gave him the courage to wear his new shirt

Hows this for a sunset?

Yeah, that shirt blends

Tonight we had a rabbit waiting for us .... Peter terrycloth-tale