John and Cynthia take Manhattan!

Feel the Love at LGA!

Time to eat

Top of the Empire State Building

John made it to the top

John hailed us a taxi

Still smiling, we must not be in motion yet

Smile, we've surived the first 4 blocks

Here's where the ride gets exciting

We made it to Rockefeller Center in one piece

John doing the weather at the NBC Experience

John has arrived at the Home Office of Baseball

Cynthia is such a fan!

The Stingy Lulu's have come alive

Backstage with the band

We locked them in the car when the refused to stop and let us out

Here they beg to be forgiven

What have you guys been eating?

Cynthia rode the Ferry

John, are you afraid we're going to crash??

The Tour Guides pose for a picture

Dinner at the Lobster House. Thanks Jane and Dale!!

Lemon Ice King of Corona

3 flavors later for everyone!

The Sphere in the rain

I'm soaked now! Hurry and pose already Johnny