"I think the hardest thing I ever did was quit smoking,"
-- hundreds of people say it everyday, some with bitterness because they couldn't, and many more with pride at the accomplishment.
"The cigarette does the smoking - you're just the sucker". 
~Author Unknown

WOW!! It's Been

Since Amy's Last Cigarette!!

By the way - Amy's on the right coast & time zone
If you are in the Central add 1 hour, Mountain add 2 hours and Pacific add 3 hours!

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Top 10 Reasons for Quitting
by Stacy (sister)

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  1. I will not stand outside in the bitter cold and catch pneumonia just to smoke
  2. I will be more comfortable in the car since the temperature will remain the same with the window staying up.
  3. I will never lose my lighter again!
  4. I will never have to talk bad about someone who is always 'bumming' cigarettes of me.
  5. I will not sound like Marlon Brando in 20 years
  6. I Will not burn holes in seats or clothing
  7. I will not have to listen to people around me bitching about my smoking
  8. I will not inconvenience my sister by making her wait while I smoke.
  9. I will set a good example for my niece
  10. I will be able to use an ashtray for trash without setting it on fire!



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